PRIVATE BANKERS (MONEY MANAGERS), Investment, dan Financial Services. Kami menyediakan saran eksklusif terkait investasi dan hingga pengelolaan investasi

RISKTECH CAPITAL STRATEGY & TRANSACTION yaitu: Risktech Strategy & Transactions Insurance Capital Management Services, Risk Technology & Management Consulting, and Money Managers Professional Certification & Education.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INDONESIA & ACTUARIAL yaitu: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS & HUMAN CAPITAL, Human Resources consulting, Benefits & Compensations consulting, Solusi Program Pensiun Kumpulan, Outsourcing, Investment consulting. ADVISORY RESEARCH & ACTUARY SERVICES: Advisory Services adalah sebagai berikut, Mengembangkan temuan, kesimulan dan rekomendasi untuk dipertimbangkan dan diputuskan oleh clients (strategic planning, dll.). Aktuaria Services: Pricing, Cadangan, Pelaporan & Pemodelan. Jasa Pelatihan Keuangan Perbankan & Asuransi.


Employee Benefits & Actuarial Services

Kami memiliki software dan para profesional yang melayani konsultasi klien bisnis pada konsultasi manajemen, sumberdaya manusia, benefits & compensation, program pensiun kumpulan dan investasi. Kami membantu perusahaan dan organisasi untuk meningkatkan kinerja benefits pensiun & sumberdaya manusia. Kami menyediakan konsultasi benefits eksternal yang independen dan menyediakan praktik terbaik (best practice) industri dalam bidang Benefits Pensiun & Sumberdaya Manusia. Kami memiliki keahlian analisa yang unggul mengenai permasalahan organisasi yang ada dan pengembangan program-program untuk peningkatan dan memiliki para konsultan dengan keahlian khusus dalam solusi Benefits Pensiun & Sumberdaya Manusia.

Memberikan Konsultasi Benefits & Kompensasi 
  • Program Benefits Karawan, Benefits jangka panjang, Benefits jangka pendek, Benefits asuransi jiwa, Benefits asuransi kesehaan.
  • Kepatuhan Standar Akuntansi & Perundangan: Accounting Standards IFRS, IAS, USGAAP, PSAK24, dan Peraturan Perundangan Ketenagakerjaan dan Penerapannya juga.
  • Compensations consulting untuk beragam industri, Perancangan & pengaturan program kompensasi terkait gaji pokok, bonus, program saham karyawan. Evaluasi posisi dan strukur pendirian gaji, program bonus dan saham karawan untuk klien. 

Program Pensiun Kumpulan

  • Group retirement plan is a financial arrangement designed to replace employment income upon retirement.
  • Employers pension funds, Pension funds defined benefits, Pension funds defined contributions, Pension funds financial institutions.
  • Regulations & Accounting Standards Compliance: Retirement Plans Law@IFRS@IAS@USGAAP@PSAK Accounting Standards Compliance and Implementation as well.
  • Provide administration services to manage cost and effectiveness of retirement programs, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans.


European Chief Actuary

  • Leading in the execution of actuarial strategic projects , start from pricing, valuation, experience, assumption setting to modeling.
  • Leading expert for modeling and modeling control: 1. Develop and enhance the models for various purposes in actuarial functions, 2. Establish and improve modeling governance process
  • Lead projects teams to perform business challanges
  • Deploy actuarial machines: ADDACTIS®, LYONWHITE®, PROPHET®, TAS Tillinghast®, etc.
  • Merger & Acquisition (Corporate Finance & Invesment Banking)
  • Financial modeling for srategic initiatives, such as: new partnership, new distribuion channels, distribution compensation planning, etc.
  • LYONWHITE actuarial machines for Employee Benefits & Human Capital.
  • LYONWHITE actuarial machines for Financial Insurance & Invesment Valuation.

Actuarial Services: We are professionals as well who advises clients on investment, insurance, and pension-related decisions. We will apply the extensive use of statistics, contingency plans, and large amount of data to formulate a plan best suited to the client. We calculate and analyze the data, make forecast, provide the most accurate information to clients, and help them realize what their best options are. We have experienced professionals who serve actuarial & advises business clients on accounting & actuarial services, pricing, reserve valuation, asset liability management, dividend & capital management:

Actuaries services:

  • Actuarial services: Financial Reporting Actuarial is independent actuarial valuations performed by independent actuarial office for financial accounting standard statements from various countries and international. Accounting & Actuarial post retirements, long service awards and other employee benefits under labor law, PSAK 24, advice on pension cost, insurance contracts under PSAK 62 (reserve valuation). PSAK standards implementations & valuations on actuarial, risk, and insurance related for the purpose of routine financial reporting, IPO, M&A, Corporate Actions, Others.
  • Pension Funds: Provide actuarial services to manage cost and effectiveness of retirement programs, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans.
  • Commercial Banks: Analyze mortgage portfolios, analize lending risks, analyze project investment returns, analyze various future-based model scenarios, to design investment products that incorporate insurance elements, applying skills in analysis of contingent risks & finance analysis.
  • Fund Management Companies: Asset allocation, interest performance measurement, quantitative modeling.
  • Actuarial Operational: Operational actuarial review of systemically operating activities, or parts thereof, in relation to a particular purpose. Operational actuarial objectives are to Evaluate Performance, Identify opportunities for improvement, Make recomendations for improvement or further action


We perform the process of setting charges for, and benefits provided by, an insurance policy at issue. The charges include premiums, cost of insurance charges, separate account charges, and policy fees, others. The benefits include death benefits, surrender benefits, and income benefits, others.


Reserve Valuation Actuarial are independent actuarial valuations whose purpose is to determine whether clients internal valuations is in accordance with certain conditions or rules. Especially for:

  • Life Insurance Companies: Calculation liabilities includes of technical reserves of insurance companies in accordance with POJK No. 74/POJK.05/2016 and POJK No. 72/POJK.05/2016 concerning Financial Health of Insurance Companies, and Conventional & Sharia Reinsurance Companies.
  • Non-life Insurance Companies: Calculation liabilities includes of technical reserves of insurance companies in accordance with POJK No. 74/POJK.05/2016 and POJK No. 72/POJK.05/2016 concerning Financial Health of Insurance Companies, and Conventional & Sharia Reinsurance Companies.
  • Defined Benefits Pension Funds: Periodic Actuary Reports to Indonesian Ministry of Finance in accordance in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 510/KMK/06/2002 concerning funding and solvency of employer pension funds and the regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 113/PMK.05/2005.
  • Others

Asset Liability management    

We perform the process of managing the use of assets and cashflows to meet a company's obligations in order to reduce the company's risk of loss from not paying a liablitity on time.
Dividend & Capital management
  • Dividend Management: To maintain the balance of the rights of policy holders & depositors, dividend, solvency regulations, and sustainability of the company.
  • Capital Management: We perform the accounting strategy that strives to maintain sufficient and equal levels of working capital, current assets, and current liabilities. 


Human Capital & Insurance Research

Human Resources Consulting 

  • Employment agencies & recruitments: We matches employers to employees. We perform the overall process of attracting, shorlisting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organizattion.
  • Employee engagement: Measure employee engagement levels through surveys and interviews, define and improve performance in employee engagement and retention. Total reward strategy, employee performance management, leadership transformation, organisation structure design.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Conduct human capital due diligence, coordinate and administer cross-functional activities during execution, including payroll and HR technology. Align organizational cultures and work styles during post-merger integration.
  • Talent mobility: Provides the insight and execution for full international expatriates (usually for executives) or local plus (partial-package expatriates), from pre-move informative guide, to post-move expat management program.
  • Clients contracts-out a part of existing internal activity to our company.
  • Business process outsourcing: clients involves the contracting out a business process (e.g. payroll processing, claims processing) and operational, and/or non-core functions (e.g. manufacturing, facility management, call center support) to our company.
  • Transferring employees and assets from one firm to another.
  • Handing over control of public services to private enterprise.
Investment Consulting:
  • Investment objectives and asset allocation strategies appropriates to the objectives,
  • Taking into accounts the particular scheme's liabilities,
  • Analyze and monitor investment performance,
  • Advice on selection of investment managers.

Insurance & Advisory Research Services: Develop findings, conclusions and recommendations to be considered and decided by clients (strategyc planning, etc.).


Local solutions and Global expertise



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