PERSONAL FINANCE @ Investment @ Financial Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

RISK TECHNOLOGY & CORPORATE FINANCE as follows: Risk Technology & Professional Certifications and Corporate Finance & Benefits Insurance. CORPORATE FINANCE & BUSINESS ADVISORS are as follows: Cash management & treasury services, Commercial real estates, Employers services, Stock brokerage & investment funds, Transactions & capital management services (Private & investment banking services). RISK TECHNOLOGY & BENEFITS INSURANCE: Management Consulting & Insurance Technology. Risk Technology Insurance, Corporate Benefits Insurance.

BENEFITS & ADVISORY ACTUARY SERVICES as follows: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS & HUMAN CAPITAL are as follows: Human Capital Advisory, Compensations & Benefits consulting, Group Retirement Plans solutions, Outsourcing, Investment consulting. ADVISORY RESEARCH & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows, Advisory Services: Develop findings, conclusions and recommendations to be considered and decided by clients (strategic planning, etc.). Actuarial Services: Accounting & actuarial services, pricing, reserving, asset & liability management, dividend & capital management. Financial & Insurance Training Services.



In Cooperation with Our Corporate Strategic Partners: Risktech Benefits Companies (ADDACTIS WW Belgium and ALLIANZ WW Germany), Banking Financial Companies (Bank Permata, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, OCBC NISP, BCA, Mandiri, BNI, UOB, BCA Finance, Indosurya Finance, BFI Finance), Association Professional Finance Banking Insurance (CPFA®, WAPERD dan AAMAI), Universities (Department of Financial Insurance & Investment Studies of Universities).


We organize Public Training or In-House Training Major Studies as follows,

Financial Services & Investment Professions

Exams Preparations:

A. Fellow Public Actuaries (Aktuaris Publik Beregister)

The topics cover major examination areas:

Fellow Level:

- Actuarial Modelling

- Accounting

- Actuarial Mathematics

- Actuarial Management

- Actuarial aspects in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Non-life Insurance, Investment & Pension Funds

- Investment & Asset Management

- Finance Mathematics

- Economics

- Algebra

- Calculus

- Probability & Statistics


B. Certified Corporate Financiers (CCF®)

The materials cover major examination areas:

- Financial Analysis (Fundamental concepts in financial analysis, Financial analysis and forecasting)

- Investment Analysis (Investment decision rules, The risk of securities and the cost of capital)

- Corporate Financial Policies (Financial securities, Capital structure policies, Equity capital and dividend policies)

- Financial Management (Valuation and financial engineering, Managing net debt and financial risks)


C. Certified Personal Financiers (CPF®)

The materials cover major examination areas:

* Portfolio Management

* Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds & Private Equity)

* Real estate & Art investments

* Financing business & Go public

* Trusts & Insurance protections


Trainings By Request:


A. Licensed Insurance Marketing Representative (AAJI: Asosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia and AAUI: Asosiasi Asuransi Umum Indonesia)

B. Licensed Investment Mutual Funds Marketing Repersentative (WAPERD)

C. Fellow Pension Fund Management Institute (ADPI)

D. Fellow Global Qualified Actuaries (Global Actuaries Associations)

E. Certified Quantitative Finance (Certificate Quantitative Finance Institute or Financial Engineering Associations)

F. Certified Property Management (The Institute of Real Estate Management)

G. Fellow Life Management Institute (LOMA: Life Office Management Institute)

H. Fellow Insurance Office Management Institute (AAMAI: Life Insurance Expert and Non-life Insurance Expert)



Corporate & Private Finance


Actuarial Science

Employee Benefits & Human Resources

Insurance & Risk Management


Healthcare financing

Social security





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