PRIVATE BANKING @ Investment @ Finance Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

RISK MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING ACTUARIAL as follows: Risk Management, Training Consulting & Actuarial Services and HR Benefits. RISK MANAGEMENT: Management consulting, IFRS @ IAS @ FRS @ USGAAP implementations & consulting, European WW Risk Insurance Solutions, Life@Nonlife@Health Insurance companies software, Human Resources technology. CONSULTING ACTUARIAL & HR BENEFITS as follows: TRAINING CONSULTING & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows, Finance Insurance Trainings: Private & Investment Banking, Employee Benefits & Human Resources, Insurance & Risk Management, Pension, Finance Investment & Insurance Professions (Exams Preparations). Actuarial Services: Accounting & Actuarial services, Pricing, Reserving, Asset & liability management, Dividend & Capital management. HR BENEFITS are as follows: Human Resources consulting, Benefits & Compensations consulting, Group Retirement Plans solutions, Outsourcing, Investment consulting.

CORPORATE FINANCE & BROKING SERVICES are as follows: Corporate Finance & Investment Accounting, Treasury & Cash Management Services, Commercial Finance & Real Estates, Employers Services, Insurance Business Partners & Brokerage.


Corporate Finance & Broking Services 

We have experienced professionals who serve investment banking & advises business clients on investment banking & corporate finance, excellence business & shares valuation software, treasury & cash management services, commercial property & employer services, insurance broking & business partners.

Corporate Finance & Broking Services:

Corporate finance & investment accounting    

  • Corporate finance & investment accounting, Mergers & acquisitions, Looking for funding sources, Profit-sharing policy to shareholders, Debt restructuring, Fairness opinion, Business law.
  • Business & share valuation: Excellent business & shares valuation software, Feasibility study, Enterprise investment decision making with the goal of finding investment-worthy projects and raising company value, Support on accountancy-taxation-pension works.
  • Corporate banking, Loans and other credit products, Equipment lending, Trade finance.
  • Investment consulting: Investment objectives and asset allocation strategies appropriates to the objectives, taking into accounts the particular scheme's liabilities, analyze and monitor investment performance, advice on selection of investment managers.
Commercial finance & property
  • Commercial finance: SHM, SHGB & strata title
  • Commercial property: broking services, appraisal, notary public & legality, financing.

Employers services

  • Employers services: payroll, group retirement plans, others.
Insurance partners & broking services
  • Insurance broking & business partners.
Treasury & cash management services    
  • Currency conversion requirements & working capital.

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