PRIVATE FINANCE SERVICES, Investment, and Financial Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

ACTUARIAL ACCOUNTING & HUMAN RESOURCES BENEFITS REWARD SERVICES as follows: EXPERIENCED ACTUARIAL ACCOUNTING SPECIALIST SERVICES are as follows Actuarial Accounting, Sciencetech For Insurance & Risk Management, Benefits & Compensation Consulting Chief Actuary, Pension Funds & Group Retirement, ADVISORY & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows: Pricing, Reserving, Asset Liability Management, Dividend & Capital Management. HUMAN CAPITAL & BENEFITS are as follows: Human Resources Consulting, Outsourcing, Investment Consulting.

CORPORATE FINANCE & INSURANCE SCIENCETECH RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES as follows: Banking Financial & Strategy Transactions, Risktech For Insurance & Management, Insurance Services & Brokerage, Education and Development.

Corporate Finance & Insurance Scientech Risk Management Services




Corporate Finance & Strategy Transaction Services

We have experienced professionals who serve Financial Property & Merger Acquisition business clients on Structured Finance, International Trading & Export Financing, Commodities Financing, Corporate Banking, Fixed Income & Foreign Exchanged, Issuance of Bonds and Advisory, Business & Property Merger Acquisition, corporate finance & investment banking, excellence business & shares valuation software, treasury & cash management services, commercial property & employer services, insurance broking & business partners.

Banking Risktech & Transactions Capital:

Corporate & Investment Banking Business  

  • Corporate Strategic Partners:  SANTANDER ABBEY GRUPO, ING BANK GROEP, ALLIANZ GRUPPE, DBS, OCBC NISP, UOB, CIMB Niaga, Bank BCA, Mandiri, BNI, Permata, Danamon, BCA Finance, Indosurya Finance, RLS Finance 
  • Structured Finance (Financing project for Energy industry and Infrastructure, Aviaion, Cruise, Telecomunication and Acquisition Financing)
  • International Trading & Export Financing
  • Commodities Financing,
  • Corporate Banking,
  • Fixed Income & Foreign Exchanged,
  • Issuance of Bonds and Advisory,
  • Merger Acquisition for Active Assets: Business, Factory, Hospitals, Hotels, and Malls.

Finance Banking Software & Digital

  • Finance Banking Software & Digital
  • Payment Technology
  • Processing Services
  • Information Based services


Transactions & capital management services    

  • Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Merger & Acquisition, Looking for funding sources, Profit-sharing policy to shareholders, Debt restructuring, Fairness opinion, Business law.

  • Business & share valuation services: Excellent business & shares valuation software, Feasibility study, Enterprise investment decision making with the goal of finding investment-worthy projects and raising company value, Support on accountancy-taxation-pension works.

  • Corporate banking, Loans and other credit products, Equipment lending, Trade finance.

  • Investment consulting: Investment objectives and asset allocation strategies appropriates to the objectives, taking into accounts the particular scheme's liabilities, analyze and monitor investment performance, advice on selection of investment managers.

Cash management & treasury services    

  • Financial loans, working capital, and currency conversion requirements.

Employers services

  • Employers services: payroll, group retirement plans, others.

Stock brokerage & investment funds

  • Stock & investment.

Pension, Risk Management & Insurance:

  • Pension fund financial institution (DPLK)
  • Risk Management for Energy Industry: Operational risk management (safety case), Hazard identification and risk assessment tools & technics, ISO, Health safety and environtment, Risk assessment.
  • Life & health insurance protections
  • General insurance protections
  • Automatic income network & package financeassurance


 Risktech for Insurance & Management     


Data Science Technology for Insurance & Risk Management: We have experienced professionals & software who serve risk management & software solutions business clients on Management consulting, IFRS 17@IFRS 9@IAS implementations & consulting, Worldwide risk insurance & software solutions, Reporting IFRS 17@IFRS 9@IAS implementations & consulting, Appraisal & embedded valuation, Software & actuarial solutions, Life insurance@Nonlife insurance@Health insurance companies software, and Human resources technology as follows:      

Typical our services:

Management consulting

  • We are helping companies and organizations to improve their risk management & software solutions performance.

  • We have excellence analytical skills for risk management & software solutions.

  • We provide external advice benefits.

  • We provide industry 'best practice' in risk management & software solutions.

  • We have consultants with specialized expertise in risk management & software solutions, Worldwide actuarial software, Big capacity and performance driven actuarial software, compliant, IT integration.

E-SEN SCITECHINDO® Machines Softwares Services

Data Information Science &Technology Range of Solutions 

  •  RESERVING  Combining the best reserving practices and methodologies of the major insurance markets, our Reserving solution, chosen by numerous regulators, is the easiest way to technical summits and team training efficiency.
  •  IFRS 17  With cutting edge techncal approach embedded in our solution by our numerous IFRS 17 experts, monitor your profitability and your contracts with the highest level of accuracy. 
  •  Capital Modeling  Meet regulatory requirements and immerse your company in a highly complex and moving environtment to steer your business, thanks to our flexible, powerful and auditable Capital Modeling solution.
  •  Pricing  Because you deserve a pricing process designed to serve your global underwritting strategy, our Pricing solution drives you to the top of the art of pricing.

Expatriates Chief Actuary (Expatriate Actuaries)

  • Leading in the execution of actuarial strategic projects, start from pricing, valuation, experience, assumption setting to modeling.

  • Leading expert for modeling and modeling control: 1. Develop and enhance the models for various purposes in actuarial functions, 2. Establish and improve modeling governance process

  • Colaborate with Regional Office & Headquarter for modeling governance

  • Lead projects teams to perform business challanges


  • Merger & Acquisition (Corporate Finance & Invesment Banking)

  • Financial modeling for srategic initiatives, such as: new partnership, new distribuion channels, distribution compensation planning, etc.

  • E-SEN SCITECHINDO® Benefits Human Resources & Rewards Software.

  • E-SEN SCITECHINDO® Accounting Actuarial Software (PSAK 24, IAS 19).

  • E-SEN SCITECHINDO® Finance Banking Insurance Software & Hardware

  • E-SEN SCITECHINDO® Corporafe Finance & Capital Market Software


IFRS@IAS@FRS@USGAAP implementations & consulting

  • IFRS 17 & 9 Implementations
  • IFRS, IAS, FRS & USGAAP actuarial, risk & insurance related implementations
  • Accounting & Actuarial post retirements, long service awards and other employee benefits under IAS 19, FRS 17, FASB 87@88@106@132@158, pension cost consulting & solutions.
  • Insurance contracts under IFRS 4 (reserve valuation).
  • IFRS 2 share-based payment (employee stock options valuation)
  • IFRS 3 business combination (goodwill valuation), IFRS 36 impairment of assets (goodwill valuation).
  • IFRS@IAS@FAS@FRS@USGAAP standards for the purpose of routine financial reporting, IPO, M&A, Corporate actions, Others.


HC & Finance departments software solutions

  • The implementation of Human resources technology to facilitate Human capital management.
  • Steering.
  • Modeling of occupational risks.
  • Specific purposes Human resources software.
  • The implementation of finance departments technology to facilitate Finance management.


 Insurance Services & Brokerage     

Insurance & Advisory Research Services: Develop findings, conclusions and recommendations to be considered and decided by clients (strategyc planning, etc.).

Life Insurance

Non-Life Insurance

Health Insurance

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• CORPORATE FINANCE INSTITUTE are Finance Investment & Risk Management Institute Professional Certification Education Centre: Chartered Corporate Finance Professional (CCF®) 

• PRIVATE FINANCE INSTITUTE are Finance & Investment Professional Institute Professional Certification Education Centre: Certified Private Finance Professional (CPF®), we have experienced professionals & trainers in the fields Banking Risktech & Investment Management, who will give the best skills, understandings and increase the Quality of Human Resources of Banking Risktech & Financial Companies, and to give the best preparations for Banking Risktech & financial industry professions examinations.


UK ASPAC Actuarial Training & Education: European Actuarial Training & Education for Students who wants to take European Actuaries Certification.

In Partnership with FISETECH® SINGAPORE DUTCH EUROPE WW Finance Investment & Risk Management Technology Company, Private & Investment Finance Association® (CPF® & CCF®), Financial Services Institutions, Financial Services Professional Associations, and Universities, we deliver In-House Training and Public Training with Focusing in Financial Assurance & Investment Sciences Materials.

Corporate Strategic Partners: SANTANDER GRUPO INTERNATIONAL, ING BANK GROEP, ALLIANZ GRUPPE, DBS, OCBC NISP, UOB, CIMB Niaga, Bank BCA, Mandiri, BNI, Permata, Danamon, Indosurya Finance, Mandiri Finance, RLS Grupo Finance   


Global expertise & Local solutions 





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