PERSONAL FINANCE @ Investment @ Financial Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

RISK TECHNOLOGY & CORPORATE FINANCE as follows: Risk Technology & Professional Certifications and Corporate Finance & Benefits Insurance. CORPORATE FINANCE & BUSINESS ADVISORS are as follows: Cash management & treasury services, Commercial real estates, Employers services, Stock brokerage & investment funds, Transactions & capital management services (Private & investment banking services). RISK TECHNOLOGY & BENEFITS INSURANCE: Management Consulting & Insurance Technology. Risk Technology Insurance, Corporate Benefits Insurance.

BENEFITS & ADVISORY ACTUARY SERVICES as follows: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS & HUMAN CAPITAL are as follows: Human Capital Advisory, Compensations & Benefits consulting, Group Retirement Plans solutions, Outsourcing, Investment consulting. ADVISORY RESEARCH & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows, Advisory Services: Develop findings, conclusions and recommendations to be considered and decided by clients (strategic planning, etc.). Actuarial Services: Accounting & actuarial services, pricing, reserving, asset & liability management, dividend & capital management. Financial & Insurance Training Services.


Risk Technology Insurance   

(Partner Belgium France Risk Technology for Insurance Company)

* Risk Technology for Insurance: We have experienced professionals & software who serve risk management & software solutions business clients on Management consulting, IFRS 17@IFRS 9@IAS implementations & consulting, Worldwide risk insurance & software solutions, Reporting IFRS 17@IFRS 9@IAS implementations & consulting, Appraisal & embedded valuation, Software & actuarial solutions, Life insurance@Nonlife insurance@Health insurance companies software, and Human resources technology as follows:      

Typical our services:

Management consulting
  • We are helping companies and organizations to improve their risk management & software solutions performance.
  • We have excellence analytical skills for risk management & software solutions.
  • We provide external advice benefits.
  • We provide industry 'best practice' in risk management & software solutions.
  • We have consultants with specialized expertise in risk management & software solutions, Worldwide actuarial software, Big capacity and performance driven actuarial software, compliant, IT integration.
IFRS@IAS@FRS@USGAAP implementations & consulting
  • IFRS 17 & 9 Implementations
  • IFRS, IAS, FRS & USGAAP actuarial, risk & insurance related implementations
  • Accounting & Actuarial post retirements, long service awards and other employee benefits under IAS 19, FRS 17, FASB 87@88@106@132@158, pension cost consulting & solutions.
  • Insurance contracts under IFRS 4 (reserve valuation).
  • IFRS 2 share-based payment (employee stock options valuation)
  • IFRS 3 business combination (goodwill valuation), IFRS 36 impairment of assets (goodwill valuation).
  • IFRS@IAS@FAS@FRS@USGAAP standards for the purpose of routine financial reporting, IPO, M&A, Corporate actions, Others.
European Belgium WW Risk Management Software Solutions
  • Pricing software: Our advanced pricing definition solution.
  • Reserving software: The new generation reserving software under local, international and Solvency II GAAPS.
  • Reporting software
  • Modeling software: The new standard for modeling and risk management in (re)insurance.
  • Advanced appraisal & embedded valuation software.
  • Software & Actuarial solutions for your insurance & reinsurance company.
  • One software: Our solutions to define quantitative and qualitative regulatory reports in One click.
  • Workflow software: Your powerful platform designed to structure and automate all insurance processes in a single framework, ensuring full auditibility.
HC & Finance departments software solutions
  • The implementation of Human resources technology to facilitate Human capital management.
  • Steering.
  • Modeling of occupational risks.
  • Specific purposes Human resources software.
  • The implementation of finance departments technology to facilitate Finance management.
Risk Management of Energy Industry
  • Operational risk management (safety case).
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment tools & technics.
  • ISO
  • Health, safety and environtment.
  • Risk assessment.


Professional Certification & Education Training 

CPFA Professional Certification & Training: Corporae & Private Financiers Association (CPFA), we have experienced trainers & professionals in financial services & investment industry who will give the best understandings and increase the Quality of Human Resources of Financial Services & Investment Companies, and to give the best preparations for financial services & investment industry professions examinations.

European Actuarial Training & Education: European Actuarial Training & Education for Students who wants to take European Actuaries Certification.

In Partnership with ADDACTIS WW European Belgium Risk Technology & Insurance Company, Certified Corporate & Private Financiers Association of Indonesia (CPFAI), Financial Services Institutions, Financial Services Professional Associations, and Universities, we deliver In-House Training and Public Training with Focusing in Financial & Insurance Sciences Materials.

Corporate Finance & Benefits Insurance

We have experienced professionals who serve corporate finance & advises business clients on corporate finance & investment banking, excellence business & shares valuation software, treasury & cash management services, commercial property & employer services, insurance broking & business partners.

Corporate Finance & Business Advisors:

Transactions & capital management services    
  • Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Merger & Acquisition, Looking for funding sources, Profit-sharing policy to shareholders, Debt restructuring, Fairness opinion, Business law.
  • Business & share valuation services: Excellent business & shares valuation software, Feasibility study, Enterprise investment decision making with the goal of finding investment-worthy projects and raising company value, Support on accountancy-taxation-pension works.
  • Corporate banking, Loans and other credit products, Equipment lending, Trade finance.
  • Investment consulting: Investment objectives and asset allocation strategies appropriates to the objectives, taking into accounts the particular scheme's liabilities, analyze and monitor investment performance, advice on selection of investment managers.
Real Estate
  • Real estate investment: SHM, SHGB & strata title, appraisal, notary public & legality, financing.
Cash management & treasury services    
  • Financial loans, working capital, and currency conversion requirements.

Employers services

  • Employers services: payroll, group retirement plans, others.
Stock brokerage & investment funds
  • Stock & investment.


* Corporate Benefits Insurance:

  • Partner Germany Benefits Insurance Companies
  • Automatic income network & package financeassurance
  • Life & health insurance protections
  • General insurance protections
  • Pension fund financial institution (DPLK)

Local solutions and Global expertise

Risk Technology Accounting 

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