PRIVATE BANKING SERVICES, Investment, and Financial Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

TOTAL ACTUARIAL ACCOUNTING & HUMAN-CAPITAL BENEFITS INVESTMENT SERVICES as follows: ACTUARIAL ACCOUNTING EXPERTISES & SERVICES are as follows Actuarial Accounting, Risktech For Insurance, Benefits & Compensation Consulting Chief Actuary, Pension Funds & Group Retirement, ADVISORY & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows: Pricing, Reserving, Asset Liability Management, Dividend & Capital Management. HUMAN CAPITAL & BENEFITS are as follows: Human Resources Consulting, Outsourcing, Investment Consulting.

INVESTMENT BANKING INSURANCE & RISKTECH SERVICES as follows: Banking Financial & Strategy Transactions, Risktech For Insurance & Management, Insurance Services & Brokerage, Education and Development.



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Our HNWIs Private Bankers, Investment, and Financial Services provide exclusive investment-related services and goes beyond managing investments to address a client's entire financial situation. Our services include: protecting and growing assets in the present, providing specialized financing solutions and planning retirement. We provide HNWIs private banking, investment, and finance services for expatriates, international citizens, and high net-worth local nationals, as follows:

I. Portfolio management:

  • Strategic asset class allocation @ Investing and trading in foreign exchange markets, bonds & fixed income instruments, equities @ Technical analysis for equities @ Investing in derivatives and structured products @ Investing in mutual funds or investment companies.
  • Stock advisory:  Intraday calls, Delivery calls, Stock new, Portfolio restructuring.
  • Mutual fund advisory: Lump sum new, Lump sum restructuring, SIP new, SIP restructuring.

II. Alternative investments:

  • Hedge funds, Private equity as an alternative investment, Real estate investment and finance, Premium car and finance, Collecting art, What to look for in a jewel.

III. Growing and raising funds for your business:

  • Bank loans and other credit-related products, Organic versus inorganic growth, Working with private equity investors to grow your business, Go public, Partner of Finance Company for Financing Loan with Collateral Assets Properties or Cars.

IV. Trusts and estate planning:

  • The use of trusts in estate planning, Inbound planning for international families, Childs future planning, Planning for real estate investments, Asset protection trusts.

V. Risk management & insurance protections:

  • Risk management, comprehensive funding planning, Funding planning road map, Insurance protections restructuring and/or new, Retirement planning, Insurance protections new.

We are also available for managing trading & investment portfolio on behalf Clients. The rates will be charged monthly, based on percentage of annual Net Asset Value.

 LAG PRIVATE & INVESTMENT BANKING  entity is affiliated of International Banks, Insurance Risk Management, and Securities companies, that have International & National investment placement services in Europe stock exchange (Euronext NV), London stock exchange, USA stock exchange (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ), Singapore exchange, Indonesia exchange (BEI), and Hongkong exchange, and Global insurance protection services for expatriates, international citizens, and high net-worth local nationals.

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