PRIORITY & PRIVATE BANKING-FINANCE SERVICES, Investment, and Financial Services. We provide exclusive investment-related advice and goes beyond managing investments

ACCOUNTANCY ACTUARIAL & HUMAN RESOURCES BENEFITS REWARD SERVICES as follows: EXPERIENCED ACTUARIAL ACCOUNTING SPECIALIST SERVICES are as follows Actuarial Accounting, Sciencetech For Insurance & Risk Management, Benefits & Compensation Consulting Chief Actuary, Pension Funds & Group Retirement, ADVISORY & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows: Pricing, Reserving, Asset Liability Management, Dividend & Capital Management. HUMAN CAPITAL & BENEFITS are as follows: Human Resources Consulting, Outsourcing, Investment Consulting.

CORPORATE BANKING FINANCE & INSURANCE PENSION SCIENCETECH RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES as follows: Banking Financial & Strategy Transactions, Risktech For Insurance & Management, Insurance Services & Brokerage, Education and Development.

Clients RLJ CONSULTING Actuarial & Management Consulting Financial Investment Services Firm-Company
The Clients of Actuarial & Management Consulting Financial Investment Services Firma-Perusahaan KANTOR AKTUARIS PUBLIK RLJ CONSULTING®-pt. RICKY LEONARD & REKAN (PT. Ricky Leonard Jasatama) are Indonesia Corporations, BUMN, Global Corporations, Bankings Insurers & Finance, BUMD, and Foundations.
Our Clients are as follows:
1. Services Industries:
  • Property, Real Estate & Building Constructions: Property & Real Estate, Building Construction, Others
  • Infrastructure, Utility & Transportations: Energy, Toll Roads Ports Airports & The Like, Telecomunication, Transportation, Construction Non Building, Others
  • Finance: Bank, Financial Institutions, Securities Companies, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Others
  • Trading, Services & Investment:  Large Trade, Retail Trade, Restaurant Hotel & Tourism, Advertising Printing & Media, Health, Computer Services & Devices, Investment Company, Others
2. Sectors Industries Producing Raw Materials/ Industries Managing Natural Resources:
  • Agriculture: Crops, Plantations, Farms, Fishery, Forestry, Others
  • Minning: Coal Minings, Oil & Gas Minings, Metal & Others Mineral Minings, Rocks Minings, Other Minnings.
3. Sectors Manufacturing Industries:
  • Basic & Chemical Industries: Cement, Ceramics Porcelain & Glass, Metals & The Like, Chemistry, Plastic & Packaging, Animal Feed, Wood & Its Processing, Pulp & Paper, Others
  • Various Industries: Machines & Heavy Equipment, Otomotive & Components, Textile & Garment, Footwear, Cable, Electronics, Others
  • Industrial Consumers Goods:  Food & Drinks, Cigarette, Pharmacy, Cosmetics & Household Goods, Household Appliances, Others



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