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RISK MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING ACTUARIAL as follows: Risk Management, Training Consulting & Actuarial Services and HR Benefits. RISK MANAGEMENT: Management consulting, IFRS @ IAS @ FRS @ USGAAP implementations & consulting, European WW Risk Insurance Solutions, Life@Nonlife@Health Insurance companies software, Human Resources technology. CONSULTING ACTUARIAL & HR BENEFITS as follows: TRAINING CONSULTING & ACTUARIAL SERVICES are as follows, Finance Insurance Trainings: Private & Investment Banking, Employee Benefits & Human Resources, Insurance & Risk Management, Pension, Finance Investment & Insurance Professions (Exams Preparations). Actuarial Services: Accounting & Actuarial services, Pricing, Reserving, Asset & liability management, Dividend & Capital management. HR BENEFITS are as follows: Human Resources consulting, Benefits & Compensations consulting, Group Retirement Plans solutions, Outsourcing, Investment consulting.

CORPORATE FINANCE & BROKING SERVICES are as follows: Corporate Finance & Investment Accounting, Treasury & Cash Management Services, Commercial Finance & Real Estates, Employers Services, Insurance Business Partners & Brokerage.

Management Partners

Mr. Ricky Leonard is Management Partners RLS CORP. He has capability, experience and integrity in the field of Worldwide Risk Insurance Solutions, Training Consulting & Actuarial Services, HR Benefits, Capital Management & Broking Services, and Life insurance @ Wealth management @ WW Reinsurance, for 25 years including in the following Companies: 

Risk Management & Consulting Actuarial  


  • Lyonhaan Risk Insurance Solutions Group, Partner ADDACTIS® Worldwide Risk Insurance Solutions Company Belgium-CEO


  • RLJ Training Consulting & Actuarial Services and HR Benefits-Commissioner

Capital Management & Broking Services  


  • RLS Private & Corporate Finance-Commissioner

Life insurance@Wealth management@Reinsurance 


  • ING Life Insurance (subsidiary of ING Bank Group plc Netherlands WW), Astra Jardine CMG Life Insurance (JV of Commonwealth Bank Group plc Australia Asia Pacific and Jardine Astra International plc Singapore Asia Pacific), AJBN Life Insurance (subsidiary of Bank BDNI Indonesia), and Maskapai Reasuransi Indonesia plc Indonesia.

He has advance/master's degrees in the sectors of Accounting, Banking, and Finance & Actuarial:

Worldwide advance


  • Corporate Finance & Embedded Valuation in Global Multinational insurance companies (from IAA The Institute of Actuaries of Australia)
  • Risk & Finance Management Technology (from Addactis Risk Insurance Solutions Belgium WW)
  • Risk & Finance Management Technology (from Prophet FIS Sungard plc USA WW)
  • Risk & Finance Management Technology (from TAS Tillinghast Towers Perrin plc England WW)

National advance


  • Investment Management Broking services-WAPERD (from APRDI)
  • Fellow of Society of Actuaries of Indonesia-FSAI (from PAI The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia)
  • Associate Life Office Expert-AAAIJ (from AAMAI The Insurance Institute of Indonesia)
Are the highest degrees and currently only a limited number of people in the world (in Indonesia no more than 300 people).

He has education background in banking management, and many participations in various seminars, trainings and workshops as speaker or participant for Risk Insurance Solutions, Actuarial Science & HR Benefits, and Private & Corporate Finance materials as well.

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